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Weekly Seminars

Mechanisms of the Self-assembly of EAK16 Peptides and Formation of Nanostructures in the Presence and Absence of a Hydrophobic Surface Soheila Emamyari Jan 04, 2023
Polymer translocation through nanopores in active media containing nonchiral and chiral active particles Zahra Fazli Dec 21, 2022
Speckle Tweezers and their Applications in Soft Matter Ali-Reza Moradi Dec 07, 2022
Elasto-Dynamical Induced Spin and Charge Pumping in Bulk Heavy Metals Farzad Mahfouzi Nov 23, 2022
Atomistic and Coarse-grained Simulations of Polymer Melts and Nanocomposites Alireza Foroozani Behbahani Nov 09, 2022
Diffusiophoresis assisted Shortcut-to-adiabaticity protocols for colloidal manipulations Parvin Bayati Oct 12, 2022
Heat conduction theory including phonon coherence and its applications Zhongwei Zhang Sep 21, 2022
Resonant photovoltaic effect of two-dimensional spin-3/2 hole systems Mohsen Farokhnezhad Sep 07, 2022
An amplification mechanism for low frequencies, small intensities magnetic field quantum bioeffects Seyyed Peyman Shariatpanahi Aug 24, 2022
Quantum contextuality of the radiation fields: Fundamental approach to the notion of correlations Ali Asadian Aug 10, 2022
Tailoring interfaces in polymer-based nanocomposites via nanofiller surface treatment: An insight from molecular dynamics simulations Abbas Montazeri Hedesh July 27, 2022
Valorization of carbon dioxide to cyclic carbonate using silica/organosilica mesoporous materials Mojtaba Khorasani July 13, 2022
Fingerprinting local environments with application to machine learning interatomic potentials Ali Sadeghi June 29, 2022
Two-component density functional theory for muonic molecules Mohammad Goli June 15, 2022
Collective cloaking of a cluster of electrostatically defined core-shell quantum dots in graphene Mahdiyeh Sadrara June 01, 2022
Investigation of Hyperbolic Plasmon Polaritons in a Td-WTe2 Single Layer Zahra Torbatian May 18, 2022
Density functional investigation of Graphene fluorination Seyed Javad Hashemifar Feb 16, 2022
2D-based nano/microrobots: Towards Biomedical and Environmental Applications Bahareh Khezri Feb 09, 2022
Active tuning of the Casimir force using ferrofluids Zahra Etesami Jan 12, 2022

Quantum-droplets in ultra-cold gases Saeed Abedinpour Dec 29, 2021
PT-symmetry optical waveguides Mojtaba Golshani Dec 15, 2021
Light-Powered Reactivation of Flagella and Contraction of Microtubule Networks: Toward Building an Artificial Cell Azam Gholami Dec 01, 2021
Migrating immune cells enhance their search efficiency by persistence-speed coupling Mohammad Reza Shaebani Nov 17, 2021
Large-scale biomembrane modeling: thermodynamics, kinetics, and membrane-mediated interactions Mohsen Sadeghi Nov 03, 2021
Mechanical characteristics of the nuclear membrane of stem cells, what experiments suggest and what models predict Sedigheh Ghanbarzadeh Oct 20, 2021
Taming Active Matter: from ordered topological defects to autonomous shells Amin Doostmohammadi Sep 22, 2021
The interaction of light and hybrid chiral quantum dot-dielectric nanoparticle systems MirFaez Miri Sep 8, 2021
Speckle Tweezers for Controlling Collective Motion of Micro-objects Ali-Reza Moradi Aug 25, 2021
Joint measurability in phase space Saleh Rahimi-Keshari Aug 4, 2021
Electrostatic control of spin-valley-layer locking in bilayer transition-metal dichalcogenides Hossein Khani July 19, 2021
Simulating Realistic Biomembrane Shapes Weria Pezeshkian July 14, 2021
Suppression (reviving) superconducting transition temperature via charge density wave (nonadiabatic effects) in 2D systems with strong electron-phonon coupling: InSe and blue phosphorene Mohammad Alidoosti June 30, 2021
Molecular Dynamics Simulations: Case studies for protein interaction with nanoparticles and nanostructures Maryam Atabay June 16, 2021
Introduction to Boltzmann Machines Maryam Khanahmadi June 2, 2021
Investigation of surface plasmon resonance: Abrupt phase jumps, structured lights, refractive index limited sensors, Localized surface plasmon resonance in nanoparticles Jafar Mostafavi Amjad June 2, 2021
Effect of cell-like topography on drug susceptibility of breast cancer cells to doxorubicin Fatemeh Shahriyari March 10, 2021
Quantum spin liquids in frustrated antiferromagnets Saeed Jahromi Jan 27, 2021
Correlation-Picture Approach to Open-Quantum-System Dynamics Sahar Alipour Jan 13, 2021

Elastic model for studying structure, energy, and unwrapping of dinucleosome Seyed Hashem Fatemi Dec 30, 2020
Interface Engineering of Magnetic Properties in Heavy-Metal/Ferromagnet Bilayer Devices Farzad Mahfouzi Dec 06, 2020
Computational membrane remodeling in soft matter and biophysics Amir Houshang Bahrami Nov 18, 2020
Quantification of viscoelastic properties using contact resonance atomic force microscopy with U-shaped probes Ehsan Rezaei Oct 07,
Quantum-mechanical characterization of interfacial processes on the cathode of Li-S batteries during discharge Pouya Partovi Azar Oct 07,
Photothermal Therapy using Graphene Coated Plasmonic Nanoparticles for Cancer treatment Mohsen Farokhnezhad Sep 23, 2020
Andreev reflection at the interface of the type-I and type-II Weyl semimetals Babak Abdollahipour Sep 09, 2020
Triboelectric Nanogenerators as Self-powered Sensors Raheleh Mohammadpour Aug 26, 2020
Ab initio prediction of magnetic properties Mojtaba Alaei Aug 12, 2020
Li-ion batteries: basics, properties and prospects of the novel anode nanomaterials Yaser Bahari Jul 29, 2020
Periodic Mesoporous Organosilica with Bulky Functional Groups within Frameworks, from Bulk to Especial Morphology Mojtaba Khorasani Jul 15, 2020
Nematic Liquid Crystal Colloids As Elastic Multipoles; and Their Atomic Properties Seyed Reza Seyednejad Jun 10, 2020
Heat Conduction Characteristics of Nano-confined Gas Medium Reza Rabani Jun 10, 2020
Low-loss two-dimensional plasmon modes in antimonene Zahra Torbatian May 20, 2020
Nematic Liquid Crystal Colloids As Elastic Multipoles; and Their Atomic Properties Seyed Reza Seyednejad Feb 12, 2020
Metal-based Nanocomposites: Plasticity and Tribological Behavior Analyzed by Atomistic Simulations Abbas Montazeri Hedesh Jan 22, 2020
Nanostructures and Neurons; Potential Applications Pezhman Sasanpour Jan 08, 2020

Two-dimensional Materials and Their Applications Amin Azizi Dec 25, 2019
Numerical Modelling of Middle Ear Majid Soleimany Nov 27, 2019
The interaction of light and nanoparticles, quantum dots, and quantum rings MirFaez Miri Nov 13, 2019
Plastic electronics and its traps Davood Abbaszadeh Oct 23, 2019
Femtosecond pulse laser, generation, manipulation and applications Abdollah Malakzadeh Oct 09, 2019
Optical absorption properties of few-layer phosphorene Zahra Torbatian Sep 25, 2019
Importance of Long-Wavelength Phonons for Dissociative Chemisorption: N2 on Ru(0001) Hossein Tahmasbi Aug 28, 2019
Demonstration of quantum supremacy using quantum optics Saleh Rahimi Keshari Aug 14, 2019
Light scattering from clusters of particles using multipole fields method Mahdiyeh Sadrara Aug 07, 2019
Investigation of Gold Nano-Particle Effects in Brachytherapy by an Electron Emitter Ophthalmic Plaque Ms. Samaneh Hashemi Jul 31, 2019
Obstructed Diffusion of a Self-propelled Particle, Simulation Study Hamidreza Khalilian Jul 17, 2019
Promiscuity in Liquid Water: An Atomistic Perspective Ali Hassanali May 01, 2019
Massive spinons in S=1/2 spin chains: Spinon-pair operator representation Mohsen Hafez Torbati Apr 10, 2019
Composite quasiparticles in ultra-cold dipolar Fermi gases Saeed Abedinpour Mar 06, 2019
Anisotropic Conductivity of Arsenene Ismaeil Abdolhosseini Sarsari Feb 27, 2019
Investigation of the electrical properties of Borophene, and Borophene Nanoribbons by density functional theory Sahar Izadi Feb 13, 2019
2D-layers as a growth platform for materials with reduced dimensionality Thomas Mickelly Feb 05, 2019
Metal halide perovskites Negar Astani Jan 02, 2019

The Conference of the Birds: An Old Artistic Concept Making Sense in Modern Sciences Marzieh Zare Dec 26, 2018
Generating Energy Landscapes of Many-Body Systems using Artificial Neural Networks: Ionic Interactions Robabeh Rasoulkhani Nov 28, 2018
Spin Vortices in Single-electron Systems Amin Naseri Oct 24, 2018
Computational modeling of ion separation and water flow through carbon-based nano-membrane Amir Lohrasebi Oct 10, 2018
Nanostructures application for pollutants photocatalytic degradation and/or construction of biosensors Mehrorang Ghaedi Sep 26, 2018
Generation of high dimensional single photon quantum logic gates Amin Babazadeh Aug 29, 2018
A Molecular Dynamics Study on the Role of Glycosylation in Developing Anti-cancer Therapeutics Maryam Azimzadeh Aug 15, 2018
Raman and IR spectroscopy for applications in nanographenes Ali Maghsoumi Aug 01, 2018
Quantum transport in graphene-based nanoelectronic devices Hakimeh Mohammadpour Jul 11, 2018
Classification the economic entropy index in a macroeconomic model Behrooz Sadeghi Amroabadi Jul 04, 2018
Determination of photocatalytical properties of copper and zirconium modified TiO2 by photothermal techniques Zeynab Ebrahimpour Jun 27, 2018
Relevance Matteo Marsili Jun 25, 2018
Optical Studies of Dirac Materials Mehdi Jadidi May 9, 2018
Plasma medicine: past, present and future Hossein Abbasi Feb 28, 2018
Strategies for selective deposition of metal oxides materials on patterned substrates Fatemeh S. M. Hashemi Feb 21, 2018
The new era of quantum technologies-quantum simulators in particular... Hamed Saberi Feb 07, 2018
Membrane Remodeling in Cellular Organelles Amir H. Bahrami Jan 03, 2018

Mechanical and Biochemical Micromanipulation of Individual Suspended Cells Probed with Optical Tweezers Samaneh Rezvani Dec 20, 2017
Super-resolved 3D imaging Ali Reza Moradi Nov 22, 2017
Gaussian theory for derivation of continuum equations of selfpropelled particles Hamid Seyyed-Allaei Nov 08, 2017
Understanding Metal Cluster with Theoretical Spectroscopy Zahra Jamshidi Oct 25, 2017
Optomechanical properties of ultracold atoms trapped inside the optical lattice of a cavity Ali Dalafi Oct 11, 2017
Dynamics and biomechanical properties of the eye structures and their application in ophthalmology Henryk Kasprzak Sep 27, 2017
Plasmonic Imaging of the Interfacial Potential Distribution on Bipolar Electrodes Meisam Hashemian Sep 13, 2017
The Concepts and Applications of Fractional Order Differential Calculus in Modelling of Viscoelastic Systems Yousef Jamali Aug 30, 2017
Enhanced sampling and free energy calculations in molecular simulations Mehrnoosh Arrar Aug 17, 2017
A quantitative model for oxygen uptake and release in a family of hemeproteins Leonardo Boechi Aug 16, 2017
DNA translocation through a nanopore Jalal Sarabadani Aug 02, 2017
Plasmon and catalytic enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting of efficient hematite photoanodes produced by a scalable electron beam evaporation method Behrooz Eftekharinia Jul 26, 2017
Multi scale modeling of microtubule under influence of external electric field: molecular dynamics and coarse grain methods Amir Lohrasebi Jul 19, 2017
Computational Studies of the Adsorption of Hydrazine on Cu Surfaces: A Dispersion-Corrected DFT Study Saeedeh S. Tafreshi Jul 05, 2017
Design and fabrication of dye-sensitized solar cell using zinc oxide nanostructure Fatemeh Dehghan Nayeri Jun 21, 2017
Ultracold fermions in a cavity-induced artificial magnetic field Ameneh Sheikhan May 31, 2017
Plasmonic (Linear/Nonlinear)- Biomedical Applications Pezhman Sasanpour Apr 26, 2017
Self-phoretic motors (Janus particles) Parvin Bayati Apr 19, 2017
Thermal transport engineering in nano-structured materials using classical molecular dynamics simulation Ali Rajabpour Apr 12, 2017
Designing QHC simple logic gates, half-adder and majority gates circuit on a Si(100)-H surface Omid Faizy Namarvar Mar 08, 2017
Quantum optomechanics: From gravitational wave detectors to quantum memories Sareh Shahidani Feb 15, 2017
Coherence of Coupled Dangling-Bond Pairs on a Silicon Surface Zahra Shaterzadeh Yazdi Feb 08, 2017
Colloidal Hard Sphere Crystals and their Interfaces in Density Functional Theory Mohammad Hossein Yamani Jan 25, 2017
Effective deformation potentials of phosphorene: an ab-initio study Mohammad Elahi Jan 18, 2017
Higher order contributions to the Anisotropic Interface Magnetoresistance (AIMR) in Ni/Pt layered structures Afsaneh Farhadi Jan 09, 2017

Single bio-molecule sensing: Beyond nanopores in graphene Hadi Arjmandi Tash Dec 28, 2016
Delocalization, geometry, and optimality in purple bacterial light harvesting Sima Baghbanzadeh Dec 14, 2016
Nonlinear optical devices as interfaces for long distance quantum communications Vahid Esfandyarpour Nov 16, 2016
Second Quantum Revolution and Role of Quantum Correlation Sahar Alipour Nov 09, 2016
Fundamentals of Mechanics of Materials Abbas Montazeri Hedesh Nov 02, 2016
Experimental investigation on the semiconductor micro/nanowire structures (Si, ZnO) for optoelectronic application Maryam Lajvardi Oct 26, 2016
Engineering the Wave function in Graphene Systems Asieh Kazemi Oct 05, 2016
Towards more stable and longer-lived superconducting qubits Amin Hosseinkhani Sep 28, 2016
Ultrahigh Resolution Optical Coherence Tomography Principles and Applications Sepideh Hariri Sep 21, 2016
Graphene based new nanocapillaries Ali Esfandiar Sep 14, 2016
Trapping aerosols: from micron to nano-scale S. Mohammad Reza Taheri Sep 07, 2016
Localized charge fragments for efficient, 'on-the-fly' calculation of vibrational spectra and many-body dispersion interactions in density-functional theory Pouya Partovi-Azar Aug 31, 2016
The Lab on a Tip Ali Sadeghi Aug 17, 2016
An Experimental Study on Piezoresistive and Piezoelectric Characteristics of Nano‐fillers Embedded Polyurethane (PU) Composites as self-powered sensors Hamid Souri Aug 10, 2016
Exciton-Biexciton Dynamics in Semiconductor Nanocrystals Maryam Azizi Aug 03, 2016
Modeling the Mechanical Behavior of Materials at Small Scales Kamyar Davoudi Jul 27, 2016
Micromechanics of Metals; (a) Crystal Plasticity through Dislocation Dynamics Simulation (b) Recoverable Plasticity in Penta-twinned Nanowires Amin Aghaei Jul 20, 2016
New Developments in Medical Ultrasound: From Cellular and Molecular Theranostics to Tissue Elastography Mohammad Mehrmohammadi Jul 13, 2016
Quantum Thermodynamics of a Bipartite System Stefano Marcantoni Jun 08, 2016
Heat Transfer and Diffusion, Quantum Energy Barrier of Vacancy in Metallic and Bimetallic Nanocluster Farid Taherkhani Jun 01, 2016
Silicon Photovoltaics: Present Status and Perspective of Affordable 30%-Efficient Solar Cells Ali Dabirian May 25, 2016
Probing Complexity in Hydrogen-Bonded Systems with Computational Models Ali Hassanali May 12, 2016
Active micro-swimmers under imposed shear flow Hossein Nili May 11, 2016
Surface Coupling Effects on the Capacitance of Thin Insulating Films Tayeb Jamali May 4, 2016
Parallel Quantum Circuit in a Tunnel Junction Omid Faizy Apr 27, 2016
Kondo Effect in Weyl Semimetal: The Emergence of Optimal Doping Mahdi Mahskoori Apr 20, 2016
Development of Ab Initio Quantum Chemistry Techniques for Multi-component Systems with Applications in Quantum Theory of Atoms in Molecules Mohammad Goli Apr 13, 2016
Armies in the Lab; Studying Conflicts and Opinion Clashes in Wikipedia Taha Yasseri Apr 06, 2016


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