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Title Speaker Date
Microfluidic Devices for 2D and 3D Cell Migration in Controllable Microenvironments Amir Shamloo Nov 13, 2019
Recent Advances in Thermal Energy Harvesting – Conventional and Nanostructured Thermoelectrics Daryoosh Vashaee Oct 09, 2019
Contamination is graphene's kryptonite Seyed Hamed Aboutalebi Jul 17, 2019
Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction and its application in antiferromagnetic spintronics Alireza Qaiumzadeh Jun 19, 2019
Crystal structure prediction and discovery of novel materials Artem R. Oganov Apr 11, 2019
Identification of cognitive errors and their impact on our life and decision making Seyed Vahid Mehri Feb 27, 2019
The growth of Iranian Scientific Publications: Opportunities and Challenges Alireza Moshfegh Jan 02, 2019
Early Universe Cosmology: Theory and Observations Hassan Firouzjahi Dec 12, 2018
The Nobel Prize in Physics 2018 Seyed Nader Seyed Reyhani Nov 21, 2018
Dynamics of magnetonic droplet Seyed Majid Mohseni Oct 17, 2018
Precision medicine in oncology: still not ready for prime time? Samad Muhammadnejad Aug 08, 2018
Superconductivity and topological phenomena Mehdi Karegarian Jul 12, 2018
Optomechanical Arrays for quantum simulation of Non-equilibrium Dynamics Sadegh Raeisi May 16, 2018
The interaction of light with nanoparticles and quantum dots MirFaez Miri Feb 07, 2018
Fresnel Diffractometry and its Applications in Optical Metrology Khosrow Hassani Dec 20, 2017
Development of Fully Two-dimensional Transistors for biosensing Applications Mehdi Fardmanesh Nov 15, 2017
Holographic fidelity susceptibility Mohsen Alishahiha Oct 11, 20177
Reclaiming the "identity" of atoms in molecules and crystals as "real-space" quantum subsystemss Shant Shahbazian Sep 6, 2017
Measurement protocols for many-body observables in synthetic quantum matters Mohammad Hafezi Aug 16, 2017
How Biological Tissues respond to external forces? An Optical Tweezers study Nader Seyed Reihani Jul 19, 2017
From active particles to active matter Mohammad Reza Ejtehadi Feb 01, 2017
Neuronal Activity of Visual Cortex in the Behaving Monkeys Reza Lashgari Feb 01, 2017
Estimation and Control in a Quantum World Ali Rezakhani Jan 11, 2017
Life in Active Motion: A Soft Matter perspective Ali Naji Dec 7, 2016
Topological phases and phase transitions: the Nobel prize in physics 2016 Abdollah Langari Nov 02, 2016


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