Crash Course on


A Not-so-brief Introduction to Molecular Biophysics

Lecturers: A. Hassanali


Crash Course on


Machine Learning in Atomistic Simulations

Lecturer: R. Rasoulkhani


Crash Course on


Fundamentals of Mechanics of Materials

Lecturer: A. Montazeri Hedesh


Crash Course on


Nanoarchitectonics: architecture and design of Atomic Scale Logic Gates

Lecturer: O. Faizy


First semester courses 1395-1396


General Seminar


Qualification Exam


Second semester courses 1394-1395

Condensed Matter Physics

Lecturers: A. Langari and R. Asgari

Final Exam


Advanced Statistical Physics

Lecturer: A. Naji


    First semester courses 1394-1395


    Physics of Nano Structures

    Lecturer: H. Rafii-Tabar


Principles of Computer Simulation

Lecturer: S. Jalili



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