Weekly Seminars

> Weekly Seminar: "Membrane Remodeling in Cellular Organelles"

Speaker: Dr. Amir H. Bahrami

Date: Wedneseday, January 03, 2017,  14:00-15:00

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> Weekly Seminar: "Mechanical and Biochemical Micromanipulation of Individual Suspended Cells Probed with Optical Tweezers"

Speaker: Dr. Samaneh Rezvani

Date: Wedneseday, December 20, 2017,  14:00-15:00

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> Weekly Seminar: "Super-resolved 3D imaging"

Speaker: Dr. Ali Reza Moradi

Date: Wedneseday, November 22, 2017,  14:00-15:00

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> Weekly Seminar: "Gaussian theory for derivation of continuum equations of selfpropelled particles"

Speaker: Dr. Hamid Seyyed-Allaei

Date: Wedneseday, November 08, 2017,  14:00-15:00

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> Weekly Seminar: "Understanding Metal Cluster with Theoretical Spectroscopy"

Speaker: Dr. Zahra Jamshidi

Date: Wedneseday, October 25, 2017,  14:00-15:00

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> Weekly Seminar: "Optomechanical properties of ultracold atoms trapped inside the optical lattice of a cavity"

Speaker: Dr. Ali Dalafi

Date: Wedneseday, October 11, 2017,  14:00-15:00

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> Weekly Seminar: "Dynamics and biomechanical properties of the eye structures and their application in ophthalmology"

Speaker: Dr. Henryk Kasprzak

Date: Wedneseday, September 27, 2017,  14:00-15:00

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> Weekly Seminar: "Plasmonic Imaging of the Interfacial Potential Distribution on Bipolar Electrodes"

Speaker: Dr. Meisam  Hashemian

Date: Wedneseday, September 13, 2017,  14:00-15:00

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> Weekly Seminar: "The Concepts and Applications of Fractional Order Differential Calculus in Modelling of Viscoelastic Systems"

Speaker: Dr. Yousef  Jamali

Date: Wedneseday, August 30, 2017,  14:00-15:00

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> Special Seminar: "Enhanced sampling and free energy calculations in molecular simulations"

Speaker: Dr. Mehrnoosh Arrar

Date: Wedneseday, August 17, 2017,  10:00-11:00

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> Weekly Seminar: "A quantitative model for oxygen uptake and release in a family of hemeproteins"

Speaker: Dr. Leonardo  Boechi

Date: Wedneseday, August 16, 2017,  14:00-15:00

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> Special Seminar: "DNA translocation through a nanopore"

Speaker: Dr. Jalal Sarabadani

Date: Wedneseday, August 2, 2017,  15:00-16:30

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> Plasmon and catalytic enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting of efficient hematite photoanodes produced by a scalable electron beam evaporation method

Speaker: Dr. Behrooz Eftekharinia

Date: Wedneseday, July 26, 2017,  14:00-15:00

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> Multi scale modeling of microtubule under influence of external electric field: molecular dynamics and coarse grain methods

Speaker: Dr. Amir Lohrasebi

Date: Wedneseday, July 19, 2017,  14:00-15:00

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> Computational Studies of the Adsorption of Hydrazine on Cu Surfaces: A Dispersion-Corrected DFT Study

Speaker: Dr. Saeedeh S. Tafreshi

Date: Wedneseday, July 05, 2017,  14:00-15:00

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> Design and fabrication of dye-sensitized solar cell using zinc oxide nanostructure

Speaker: Dr. Fatemeh Dehghan Nayeri

Date: Wedneseday, June 21, 2017,  14:00-15:00

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> Ultracold fermions in a cavity-induced artificial magnetic field

Speaker: Dr. Ameneh Sheikhan

Date: Wedneseday, May 31, 2017,  14:00-15:00

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> Plasmonic (Linear/Nonlinear)- Biomedical Applications

Speaker: Dr. Pezhman Sasanpour

Date: Wedneseday, April 26, 2017,  14:00-15:00

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> Self-phoretic motors (Janus particles)

Speaker: Dr. Parvin Bayati

Date: Wedneseday, April 19, 2017,  14:00-15:00

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> Thermal transport engineering in nano-structured materials using classical molecular dynamics simulation

Speaker: Dr. Ali Rajabpour

Date: Wedneseday, April 12, 2017,  14:00-15:00

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> Designing QHC simple logic gates, half-adder and majority gates circuit on a Si(100)-H surface

Speaker: Dr. Omid Faizy Namarvar

Date: Wedneseday, March 8, 2017,  14:00-15:00

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> Quantum optomechanics: From gravitational wave detectors to quantum memories

Speaker: Dr. Sareh Shahidani

Date: Wedneseday, February 15, 2017,  14:00-15:00

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> Coherence of Coupled Dangling-Bond Pairs on a Silicon Surface

Speaker: Dr. Zahra Shaterzadeh Yazdi

Date: Wedneseday, February 8, 2017,  14:00-15:00

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> Colloidal Hard Sphere Crystals and their Interfaces in Density Functional Theory

Speaker: Dr. Mohammad Hossein Yamani

Date: Wedneseday, January 25, 2017,  14:00-15:00

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> Effective deformation potentials of phosphorene: an ab-initio study

Speaker: Dr. Mohammad  Elahi

Date: Wedneseday, January 18, 2017,  14:00-15:00

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> Higher order contributions to the Anisotropic Interface Magnetoresistance (AIMR) in Ni/Pt layered structures

Speaker: Afsaneh  Farhadi

Date: Monday, January 9, 2017,  15:00-16:00

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> Single bio-molecule sensing: Beyond nanopores in graphene

Speaker: Dr. Hadi  Arjmandi Tash

Date: Wedneseday, December 28, 2016,  14:00-15:00

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> Delocalization, geometry, and optimality in purple bacterial light harvesting

Speaker: Dr. Sima  Baghbanzadeh

Date: Wedneseday, December 14, 2016,  14:00-15:00

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> Nonlinear optical devices as interfaces for long distance quantum communications

Speaker: Dr. Vahid  Esfandyarpour

Date: Wedneseday, November 16, 2016,  14:00-15:00

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> Second Quantum Revolution and Role of Quantum Correlation

Speaker: Dr. Sahar  Alipour

Date: Wedneseday, November 9, 2016,  14:00-15:00

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> Crash Course: "Fundamentals of Mechanics of Materials"

Speaker: Dr. Abbas Montazeri Hedesh

Date: Wedneseday, November 2, 2016,  12:00-13:30

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> Experimental investigation on the semiconductor micro/nanowire structures (Si, ZnO) for optoelectronic application

Speaker: Dr. Maryam  Lajvardi

Date: Wedneseday, October 26, 2016,  14:00-15:00

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> Engineering the Wave function in Graphene Systems

Speaker: Dr. Asieh  Kazemi

Date: Wedneseday, October 5, 2016,  14:00-15:00

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> Towards more stable and longer-lived superconducting qubits

Speaker: Dr. Amin  Hosseinkhani

Date: Wedneseday, September 28, 2016,  14:00-15:00

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> Ultrahigh Resolution Optical Coherence Tomography Principles and Applications

Speaker: Dr. Sepideh  Hariri

Date: Wedneseday, September 21, 2016,  14:00-15:00

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> Graphene based new nanocapillaries

Speaker: Dr. Ali  Esfandiar

Date: Wedneseday, September 14, 2016,  14:00-15:00

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> Trapping aerosols: from micron to nano-scale

Speaker: Dr. S. Mohammad Reza Taheri

Date: Wedneseday, September 7, 2016,  14:00-15:00

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> Localized charge fragments for efficient, 'on-the-fly' calculation of vibrational spectra and many-body dispersion interactions in density-functional theory

Speaker: Dr. Pouya Partovi-Azar

Date: Wedneseday, August 31, 2016,  14:00-15:00

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> The Lab on a Tip

Speaker: Dr. Ali Sadeghi

Date: Wedneseday, August 17, 2016,  14:00-15:00

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> An Experimental Study on Piezoresistive and Piezoelectric Characteristics of Nano‐fillers Embedded Polyurethane (PU) Composites as self-powered sensors

Speaker: Dr. Hamid Souri

Date: Wedneseday, August 10, 2016,  14:00-15:00

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> Exciton-Biexciton Dynamics in Semiconductor Nanocrystals

Speaker: Dr. Maryam Azizi

Date: Wedneseday, August 3, 2016,  14:00-15:00

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> Modeling the Mechanical Behavior of Materials at Small Scales

Speaker: Dr. Kamyar Davoudi

Date: Wedneseday, July 27, 2016,  14:00-15:00

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> Micromechanics of Metals; (a) Crystal Plasticity through Dislocation Dynamics Simulation (b) Recoverable Plasticity in Penta-twinned Nanowires

Speaker: Dr. Amin Aghaei

Date: Wedneseday, July 20, 2016,  14:00-15:00

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> New Developments in Medical Ultrasound: From Cellular and Molecular Theranostics to Tissue Elastography

Speaker: Dr. Mohammad Mehrmohammadi

Date: Wedneseday, July 13, 2016,  14:00-15:00

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> Quantum Thermodynamics of a Bipartite System

Speaker: Dr. Stefano Marcantoni

Date: Wedneseday, June 8, 2016,  14:00-15:00

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> Heat Transfer and Diffusion, Quantum Energy Barrier of Vacancy in Metallic and Bimetallic Nanocluster

Speaker: Dr. Farid Taherkhani

Date: Wedneseday, June 1, 2016,  14:00-15:00

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> Silicon Photovoltaics: Present Status and Perspective of Affordable 30%-Efficient Solar Cells

Speaker: Dr. Ali Dabirian

Date: Wedneseday, May 25, 2016,  14:00-15:00

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> Probing Complexity in Hydrogen-Bonded Systems with Computational Models

Speaker: Dr. Ali Hassanali

Date: Thursday, May 12, 2016,  14:00-15:00

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> Active micro-swimmers under imposed shear flow

Speaker: Dr. Hossein Nili

Date: Wedneseday, May 11, 2016,  14:00-15:00

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> Surface Coupling Effects on the Capacitance of Thin Insulating Films

Speaker: Dr. Tyeb Jamali

Date: Wedneseday, May 4, 2016,  14:00-15:00

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> Parallel Quantum Circuit in a Tunnel Junction

Speaker: Dr. Omid Faizy

Date: Wedneseday, April 27, 2016,  14:00-15:00

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> Kondo Effect in Weyl Semimetal: The Emergence of Optimal Doping

Speaker: Dr. Mahdi Mahskoori

Date: Wedneseday, April 20, 2016,  14:00-15:00

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> Development of Ab Initio Quantum Chemistry Techniques for Multi-component Systems with Applications in Quantum Theory of Atoms in Molecules

Speaker: Dr. Mohammad Goli

Date: Wedneseday, April 13, 2016,  14:00-15:00

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> Armies in the Lab; Studying Conflicts and Opinion Clashes in Wikipedia

Speaker: Dr. Taha Yasseri

Date: Wedneseday, April 6, 2016,  14:00-15:00

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