Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences
Online Workshop on

Quantum Information Science
School of Nano Science, Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM)
1 - 2 February 2022

The emergence of quantum technologies in recent years promises changes in certain areas of computations and communications. Whether these changes are manifested in speeding up of computational processes or establishing novel secure communication systems, in order to exploit new possibilities we need to strengthen our understanding of foundational aspects of quantum information. The aim of Quantum Information Science (QIS) is to find out main concepts underpinning quantum information and computation from both quantum physics and computer science points of view.

This is in particular crucial at the current time with the advent of Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) devices. How these devices are useful and what is their scope and power in terms of the current technological challenges such as machine learning, optimizations, simulation of quantum systems and security of communication systems, is the kind of questions that QIS intend to address. In this winter workshop we bring experts from different areas of QIS such as quantum simulation, quantum computation, quantum programming, quantum metrology, and quantum machine learning. We aim at reviewing state of the art in QIS for fostering further collaborations and research activities.

Queries about this event should be addressed to School of Nano Science at

The workshop is held online, through a link that will be provided here and through email to registered participants. To access the link to the virtual meeting room, please visit this page on Feb 1. The virtual platform for this event will be provided through Skyroom (click here for a guide). It is strongly recommended that the participants access the virtual meeting room using Chrome. Due to the limited virtual meeting room capacity, participation priority may have to be given to those who sign up in advance.


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