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Nano Chemistry Group

Nano Chemistry is an interdisciplinary field of research associated with the design of new atomic/molecular structures with the desired chemical/physical properties and also the study of materials at nanoscale in order to improve/characterize the current state of their behavior. The group of the Nano Chemistry at the School of Nano Science is aimed at the advancement of quantum/classical physics methods of a molecular modeling and simulation as well as computational investigations of nanomaterials in the fields of chemistry, condensed matter physics and engineering. In this regard the current topics of our research are development of ab-initio and density functional theory simulations of multi-component systems, study of structural and electronic properties of low dimensional, chemical and biological materials at nanoscale, etc.

Mohammadi Goli
Ali Rajabpour
Mohammad Goli
Ali Sadeghi
Pezhman Sasanpour
Yusef Jamali
Abbas Montazeri Hedesh
Seyyed Mojtaba Rezaei Sani
Neda Rafiee Alhosseini

We organize biweekly Nano Chemistry Journal Clubs. For more information visit the School of Nano Science webpage.


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