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Crash Course on

A Not-so-brief Introduction to Molecular Biophysics
Professor Ali Hassanali
Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics section, ICTP, Italy.
September 8, 2020
School of Nano Science, Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences


This will be a week long crash course introducing advanced undergraduates, graduate students and even postdocs and lecturers to the basics of molecular biophysics. Expected pre-requisites are basic courses in physics/chemistry/biology. I will review the basics for people from different backgrounds. In this introductory course, I will review some of the first few chapters of the book by Phillip Roy called “Physical Biology of the Cell” which will give students a sense of the length, time and energy scales associated with biological processes. I will then introduce some problems in biological physics that are particularly of interest to physicists and chemists such as the protein folding problem, hydrophobicity, protein dynamics, solvation thermodynamics, Poisson Boltzmann theory to name a few. A particular focus on the role of water in biological systems will be emphasized.


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