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Soft Matter
School of Nano Science, Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM)
15-16 February 2023 - (Bahman 26-27, 1401)

Soft matter is a class of materials which are deformed or structurally altered by the mechanical or thermal stress at the order of thermal fluctuations. It includes polymers, liquid crystals, surfactants, colloids, etc. Biological systems are mostly made of polymers, colloids and surfactants. Therefore, lots of examples for soft matter are coming from biological physics, e.g. DNA and RNA, that are long molecules and belong to the polymers category. Moreover, plastics, rubbers, adhesives, lubricant and proteins, which have many technological applications, are made of polymeric long molecules.

The lectures in the school cover some of the active research areas in the soft matter and biological physics, namely dynamics of swimming flagella, transcription and translation processes in biological systems, smart polymers, thermal conductivity of nanostructures and hydrodynamics of liquid crystal.

The workshop is open to all, but registration through the following link is required.

Registration deadline: February 12, 2023 (Bahman 23, 1401)

Queries about this event should be addressed to School of Nano Science at

The workshop is held online, through a link that will be provided through email to registered participants. The virtual platform for this event will be provided through Skyroom (click here for a guide). It is strongly recommended that the participants access the virtual meeting room using Chrome.


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