Title of Talks:

   Hossein Aghababa: 

  Talk: TBA

   Mehrdad Atabak: 

  Talk: TBA

  Gérard Colas des Francs: 

  Talk: Lossy and leaky cQED-like description for quantum plasmonics: from dressed atom picture to Fano states

   Erik Dujardin:

  Talk:  Classical and Quantum Plasmonics: The gateway to nanoscale optical information processing devices

  Omid Faizy:

  Talk: TBA

  Bertrand Georgeot:

  Talk: Quantum simulations of physical systems

  Olivier Giraud:

  Talk : Spin states:coherence, anticoherence and classicality

  David Guéry-Odelin:

  Talk :  TBA

  Christian Joachim:

  Talk :  TBA

  Gwénaël Rapenne:

  Talk :  TBA

   Zahra Shaterzadeh Yazdi:

  Talk : TBA






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