Title of Talks:

   Tapio Ala-Nissilä: 

            Lecture 1: Stochastic and Quantum Thermodynamics I

            Lecture 2: Stochastic and Quantum Thermodynamics II

            Lecture 3: Stochastic and Quantum Thermodynamics III

            Lecture Notes

   Armen Allahverdyan: 

            Lecture 1: Quantum thermodynaics I

            Lecture 2: Quantum thermodynaics II

            Lecture 3: Quantum thermodynaics III

            Lecture Notes

    Farzad Qassemi:

            Lecture 1:  Open Quantum Systems I  

            Lecture 2:  Open Quantum Systems II  

            Lecture 3:  Open Quantum Systems III  

            Lecture Notes

    Ameneh Sheikhan:

            Lecture 1:  Density Matrix Renormalization Group; Introduction to Matrix Product States (MPS)  

            Lecture 2:  Density Matrix Renormalization Group; Time-Dependent MPS  

            Lecture 3:  Numerical Simulation of Open Quantum Systems with MPS  

            Lecture Notes






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