Title of Talks:

  Mohammad Reza Ejtehadi: 

  Talk: Non equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations, the powerful tools to find membrane characteristics

  Mikael Lund: 

  Talk: Surface Effects on Aggregation Kinetics of Amyloidogenic Peptides

  Maniya Maleki: 

  Talk: Dynamic of surface growth resulting from the deposi-tion of falling particles: From solid spheres to rod-shape


  Farshid Mohammad Rafiee: 

  Talk: The Structure and Dynamics of Dinucleosome

  Ali Reza Moradi:

  Talk:  Non-Boltzmann steady-state distributions and modified non-equilibrium relations in active baths

  Seyed-Nader Seyed-Reihani:

  Talk: Optical Tweezers and their biological application

  Shima Nezamipour:

  Talk:   شارش ناشی از حرکت مژک در نزدیکی سطح تغییرشکل‌پذیر 

  Mohammadreza Shabanniya:

  Talk: Focusing of magnetic spheroids in channel flow: Hydrodynamic images and wall-induced effects

  Seyed Mehdi Vaez Allaei:

  Talk : Dynamical characterization of dense granular materials: wet vs dry systems

  Reza Kiani Iranpour:

  Talk : A fictitious charge due to local heating causes in actual electro-osmosis

  Khatereh Azizi:

  Talk : Static and dynamic properties of water at silica interface

  Zohreh Fallah:

  Talk : Effect of external magnetic Field on the behavior of magnetic microswimmers on the walls of microchannel

  Mahmood Sebtosheikh:

  Talk : Effective Interaction between two penetrable colloidal discs in active bath






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