Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences
Postdoctoral Positions

School of Nano Science is committed to enhancing its postdoctoral program in its currently active and developing areas of research, including condensed matter physics, soft matter and biological physics, statistical physics, photonics and light-matter interactions, computational modeling of nanostructures and processes at the nanoscale, and quantum computing and information. The research at the School of Nano Science is primarily defined around theoretical and computational projects and the postdoctoral research associates work within the research programs being pursued by our active groups.

The postdoctoral positions are currently offered for a period of two years (on a year-by-year contract) and would be extendable for a final (third) year upon successful scientific evaluation and approval by the Scientific Council of the School and the availability of funds.

The incoming applications are usually reviewed twice per year, typically in May and November. You can send your application by completing the Postdoctoral Application Form by the nominal deadlines of April 1 and October 1, or as soon as possible given that the noted deadlines are not strict and open positions may be filled upon finding suitable candidates.

It is highly recommended that, after completing the Postdoctoral Application Form, you send an email notice of your submitted application to by including your full name and the date of your application in the email. This is to ensure that your application package has successfully been received.


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