Low-dimensional systems:

This research statement provides an outline of our group planned research efforts in the interdisciplinary fields of materials science, quantum many-body physics, and computer science. Two-dimensional (2D) materials have been one of the most interesting subjects in contemporary condensed matter physics for potential applications owing to the wealth of unexpected physical phenomena that occur when charge, spin and heat transports are confined to a 2D plane. In this line, we have been working on a number of problems in the challenging arena of quantum many-body physics. More precisely, we are interested in the transport and many-body properties of low-dimensional electronic systems including graphene, MoS2 , Oxide-interface 2D electron liquid, black and blue phosphorene, Topological crystalline insulators, Weyl semimetal and finally dipolar systems.

  • People:

- Reza Asgari

- Seyed Hamed Aboutalebi

- Maryam Azizi

- Leyla Majidi Fardvatan

- Badie Ghavami

- Robabe Rasoulkhani

- Sahar Izadi

- Shahin Barati

- Abbas Montazeri Hedesh

- Saeed Abedinpour

- Amir Eskandari-Asl

- Mahdi Pourfath

- Ali Sadeghi


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