Some notable touristic attractions in Tehran:



Golestan Palace

Sa'ad-Abad Complex

Tehran Grand Bazar

Nature Bridge

Mas'oudiyeh Mansion

Vardij Stone Village

Azadi Square

Nowrouz Park

Tehran Birds Garden

Persian Gulf Lake


Milad Tower



Iranian currency


It will be useful to carry a minimum amount of money in Iranian currency with you before exiting the airport. This can be done at an exchange desk before you pick up your luggage. The official currency in Iran is IRR (or 'Rials'), while most people actually work with Tomans as a more convenient unit; each Toman is 10 Rials (or 10 IRR). The figures on the bank note and coins show their monetary value in IRR but people refer to them with their equivalent Toman value (basically you take off one zero from the figure written on the banknotes/coins). You can exchange more currency at an exchange center locate in a short (walking) distance from the conference location. It is much easier to carry and exchange USD and EUR to IRR at exchange centers especially at the airport but other currencies might be exchanged with IRR in exchange centers located in downtown Tehran.

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