Computational Nanoscience:

We are engaged in exploring the properties of materials at the nanoscale using ab-initio and/or (semempirical computational methods. In a nutshell, we aim at realizing the application of modern theories of condensed and soft matter physics, chemistry and biology to real-world problems on an atomic scale by exploiting state-of-the-art computers and numeric algorithms. Our research interests cover various topics including structural and electronic properties of 2D materials, spintronics and magnetic anisotropy in nanostructures, nanotribology, developing quantum chemistry methods, adsorption on metallic clusters, molecular electronics, etc.

We organize a biweekly journal club on computational nanoscience. For more information visit the School of Nano Science webpage.

  • People:

- Reza Asgari

- Badie Ghavami

- Mohammad Goli

- Zahra Torbatian

- Esmaeil Abdolhosseini Saarsari

- Mohammad Reza Ejtehadi

- Yusef Jamali

- Amir Lohrasebi

- Mahdi Pourfath

- Ali Rajabpour

- Ali Sadeghi

- Mohammd Alidoosti Shahraki

- Majid Esmaeilzadeh Shoorehgoui

- Seyyed Mojtaba Rezaei Sani


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