Monthly Colloquium
 Optomechanical Arrays for quantum simulation of Non-equilibrium Dynamics


We propose a tunable quantum simulator based on Optomechanical arrays, which can exploit dynamical properties of Optomechanical arrays to simulate non-adiabatic evolution of many-body systems. We first investigate the non-equilibrium dynamics in Optomechanical arrays and find how driving the system out of equilibrium can generate excitations. We then propose a specific simulator for studying the quench dynamics and the topological phase-transition in the Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model (SSH). The applications of this simulator are not limited to this model and can easily be generalized to more complicated models. As such, we believe that this work could lead to new ways for investigating non-equilibrium dynamics in many-body systems.

Seminar Speaker:
Dr. Sadegh Raeisi
16 May 2018
Farmaniyeh Building, Conference Hall

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