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Neuronal Activity of Visual Cortex in the Behaving Monkeys


Recording from local field potentials (LFPs) are becoming increasingly common in research and clinical applications. LFP is a measurement of the electrical activity from a local population of neurons recorded with an extracellular electrode in the brain. Understanding the functional properties of LFP is an important key for development of neural prosthesis and very useful to study in the field of brain machine interfaces. Importantly, understanding the functional properties of LFPs is critical to interpret the neuronal activity generated by non-invasive methods such as EEG and ERP signals. To characterize the LFP properties, we chronically implanted an ultra-thin multielectrode array in primary visual cortex and systematically measured and compared the feature properties of LFPs and their neighboring single neurons across cortical depth in awake behaving primates.

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Seminar Speaker:
Dr. Reza Lashgari
Date :
1 Feb. 2017
Time :
Farmaniyeh Building, Conference Hall
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