Title of Talks:

  Reza Asgari:

  Talk : Plasmon modes in two-dimensional crystalline systems

  Arkadiusz Wójs: 

  Talk: Spin effects in fractional quantum Hall effect

  Paweł Machnikowski: 

  Talk 1: 30 years of self-assembled quantum dot physics: a theoretical perspective

  Talk 2: Quantum optics with quantum dots

  Paweł Potasz:

   Talk:   Topological properties of BiSb monolayers 

 Katarzyna Roszak:

  Talk 1: Generation of qubit-environment entanglement via pure dephasing processes

  Talk 2: Equivalence of qubit-environment entanglement and discord generation via pure dephasing interactions and the

           consequences thereof

  Ali Ghorbanzadeh Moghaddam:

  Talk : Inducing exotic superconductivity in two-dimensional materials

  Babak Zare Rameshti:

  Talk : Thermoelectric transport in two-dimensional materials

  Saeed Abedinpour:

  Talk : Optical Conductivity of Topological Semimetals






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