Title of Talks:

   Mehrdad Atabak: 

  Talk: Scanning Probe Microscopy Techniques for Atomic Scale Characterization and Molecular Electronics Applications

  Bertrand Georgeot: 

  Talk: Quantum computation with small system

    Omid Faizy:

  Talk:  Designing QHC logic gates: on a Si(100)-H surface and using Molecules 

    Sébastien Gauthier:

  Talk: nc-AFM and KPFM investigation of AlN(0001) surfaces and metals deposited on AlN(0001) surfaces

   Christian Joachim:

  Talk 1: A general introduction on nanotechnology, nanomaterials and nanoscience (Including STM, AFM, 4-⁠STM...)

  Talk 2: Tutorial on Single molecule mechanics: gears, motors and cars

  Talk 3: Tutorial and introduction on molecular electronics

  Talk 4: Quantum Hamiltonian Logic gates

   Keivan Navi:

  Talk : Nanotechnology Design

   Zahra Shaterzadeh Yazdi:

  Talk : Characterization of coupled dangling-bond pairs on a silicon surface






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